XDI-DCS Dielectric/ IsoSol-S100 Package for Printed TFT

Thin Film Transistor Package

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XDI-DCS Dielectric Ink Product

Product Summary

The thin film transistor package combines a novel dielectric ink developed at the XRCC, with a high purity, single-walled carbon nanotube ink developed by NanoIntegris. The materials package improves the overall performance of printed high-mobility p-type transistors..

Printing transistors, the next frontier in wearable and flexible electronics, offers manufacturers a low-cost way to add intelligence or computing power to a wide range of surfaces, such as plastic or fabric. Printable semiconducting and dielectric materials enable flexible tags, sensors and displays. Compatibility between semiconducting and dielectric materials is critical for reliable processing and device performance.

One of the challenges that has limited the implementation of single-walled, carbon nanotube-based thin film transistors is that they exhibit considerable hysteresis. The thin film transistor package overcomes this issue by using Xerox ink as a dielectric and encapsulant, ensuring compatibility between semiconducting and dielectric materials, and enabling reliable processing and device performance. The article, "Hysteresis free carbon nanotube thin film transistors comprising hydrophobic dielectrics" in the Journal of Applied Physics Letters discloses how this new materials package addresses these performance issues

“XRCC and NanoIntegris are providing a materials package that enables fabrication of highly functional printed electronic components,” said Brynn Dooley, manager of XRCC’s Electronic Materials Business. “This new materials solution will help our clients with their innovation mandates.”

(Click HERE for the official Xerox Press Release announcing this parternship)

Product Specifications

Click here to learn more about the High Purity Semiconducting IsoSol-S100 product.

Product Delivery

We currently offer this product in two forms:

1. A stand-alone dielectric ink/ paste.
2. A discounted package including our IsoSol-S100 solution with an appropriate mass of dielectric.


Gram and multi-gram price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders.

For more information contact our Sales Manager at sales@nanointegris.com or call +1 -866-650-0482.

Product Price
10g XDI-DCS Dielectric Ink $160.00
1mg IsoSol-S100 Solution $700.00
1mg IsoSol-S100 Solution + 10g XDI-DCS Dielectric Ink $775.00
XDI-DCS Dielectric Ink Product

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