May 2017 NanoIntegris is proud to present their latest Boron Nitride Nanotubes. Boasting a higher-puirty than the previous manifestation, these nanotubes should be a wonderful supplement to the design of thermally conductive isulators, radiation shields, flame-resistant materials, and piezoelectric devices. For more information, Click HERE.

February 2017 Jefford J. Humes – represented NanoIntegris Technologies and Raymor Inc at the 16th International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference held at the Tokyo Big Site, East Halls 4-6 and the Conference Tower. Prior to the start of the conference, Jefford was also an invited speaker on Tuesday February 14th at the “Canada Japan Nanotechnology Seminar,” held at the Embassy of Canada, Oscar Peterson Theatre. He gave a well-received presentation entitled “Separated Carbon Materials for High Performance Electronics.” Click here for the official press release.

January 2017 Join NanoIntegris Technologies and Raymor at NanoTech Japan 2017! The event will be held at the Tokyo Big Site from February 15-17th. Jefford Humes will be present and located at Space 2 of Booth SN-26 within the NanoCanada Pavillion (Click HERE to view the full floor layout). We look forward to seeing you there!

November 2016 Director of Operations- Jefford Humes- was asked to present and sit as an industry panelist within the Second Industrial Forum of the RQMP at École Polytechnique in Montreal Quebec. His well-received talk was entitled "'Crumpled' Graphene? From Bulk Production to Energy Storage." For more information about this event, click on the following link:RQMP material.

October 2016 CTO Jens Kroeger was asked to present the Raymor-based research, "Flat vs. Crumpled Graphene for Energy Storage" at the Graphene Canada Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada highlighting the benefits of our new PureWave Graphene material.

September 2016The use of NanoIntegris materials has now appeared in over 600 publications of major scientific journals and magazines!

May 2016 Raymor and NanoIntegris are proud to announce the launch of PureWave Graphene, a substrate-free graphene grown in a plasma reactor, whose specifications approach those of CVD single-layer graphene.

Click here to read the official press release.

February 2016 Manager of Separation Technology- Jefford Humes- represented NanoIntegris/ Raymor within the NanoCanada-sponsored Canadian Pavillion at the NanoTech 2016- the 15th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference, held within the Tokyo Big Site of Tokyo, Japan.

Click here to see images from the exciting event.

January 2016 The Xerox Research Centre of Canada and NanoIntegris announce partnership to advance flexible electronic devices with a thin film transistor package, combining a novel dielectric ink developed at the XRCC, with the high purity, single-walled carbon nanotube IsoSol-S100 ink developed by NanoIntegris!

Click here to read the official press release from Xerox

January 2016 NanoIntegris is excited to announce that it has released a mobile app for both Android and iPhone! This interactive app will provide you with up-to-the-minute news on NanoIntegris/ Raymor, allow you to learn about and purchase our products, perform chiral analysis of optical spectra, and much more!!

Click here to learn more and download this groundbreaking mobile app.

January 2016 NanoIntegris will be represented at the NanoTech 2016 conference from January 27-29th at the Tokyo Big Sight. With over 50,000 delegates expected to attend, NanoIntegris seeks to enhance its position as a leader in the field of nanotechnology and share its innovative products with the burgeoning Asian market and world! If you are planning to attend, please do not hesitate to stop by the Canadian Pavilion at booth 6R-11.

Click HERE to view the Floor Layout plan where you can find us.

December 2015 The highly-anticipated Electronically Enriched Small Diameter HiPco SWNT products are now available as either high-purity Semiconducting and Metallic solutions or thick films (powders). Additionally, the non-ITO Highly Conductive Transparent Ink (TCF-30 Solution) with resistivities of 20 Ω/□ at 85% Transparency is also available.

September 2015 The paper entitled "A hybrid enrichment process combining conjugated polymer extraction and silica gel adsorption for high purity semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT)," has been published in the September 7 Nanoscale journal. Manager of Separation Technology- Jefford Humes- and Chief Technology Officer- Jens Kroeger- have been listed as co-authors due to their contribution to the work!
Click here to read the abstract and download a copy of the paper.

September 2015NanoIntegris Technologies' Online Store is open! You can now order securely online from all of our product pages or request digital sales orders that you can pay conveniently online.

August 2015NanoIntegris and Raymor Industries are featured within the article "Des tubes miniatures qui font grande impression" of "less affaires" -a Montreal magazine- the August edition. Download article here, read online here.

March 2015 Manager of Separation Technology- Jefford Humes- attended the official launch of NanoCanada- "a national initiative that brings together the community to stimulate innovation, enhance R&D capacity and facilitate the development of nanotechnology applications in collaboration with industry"- on March 4 & 5th. While in attendance, Jefford gave the presentation "The Biggest Barriers to Commercialization of Nanotechnoloies in Canada" and was a member of a panel to discuss this and related topics.
Click here or on thumbnail to view photo gallery.

February 2015Director of Technology- Jens Kroeger- is featured in the National Research Council's Printed Electronics initiative video, as recorded by the IDTechEx at Printed Electronics USA 2014. Click HERE to view the footage.

January 2015 Manager of Separation Technology- Jefford Humes- exhibited at the NanoTech 2015- the 14th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference in Tokyo, Japan from January 28-30th. Held at the Tokyo Big Sight, the conference brought together almost 567 international companies in the field of nanotechnology to connect with one another and display their technology to almost 48,000 visitors.
Click here or on thumbnail to view photo gallery.

November 2014 NanoIntegris/ Raymor were presented with the "Technical Development Materials Award" at IDTEchEx's Printed Electronics USA 2014 Conference in Santa Clara, California for the IsoSol-S100 product. During the event Jens Kroeger- Director of Technology- also presented "Exploring the Applications of Nanotube-Based Semiconductors and Conductors" and taught a Masterclass on Graphene and SWNT's.

(Click here to read the entire article)

October 2014NanoIntegris materials have now appeared in over 400 publications of major scientific journals and magazines!

View the featured articles within our Publications Page.

September 2014 Raymor-NanoIntegris breaks a new barrier by becoming the world’s first company to commercialize ultra high-purity, polymer-wrapped, semiconducting carbon nanotubes dispersed in organic solvents: IsoSol-S100TM.

(Click HERE for official Press Release)

August 2014 NanoIntegris is happy to announce the inclusion of Multi-walled Nanotubes to our materials portfolio. These CVD-grown nanotubes are high-quality, yet low-priced and available in quantities to suit both research and industrial needs.

August 2014The use of NanoIntegris materials has now appeared in over 400 publications of major scientific journals and magazines!

July 2014 Jens Kroeger- The Director of Technology- attended the 12th NANO KOREA Symposium in Coex, Seoul, South Korea. With over 130 speakers and 330 companies present, the symposium was a platform for NanoIntegris to interface with numerous cutting-edge nanotechnology companies from around the world. It also gave us a means of reconnecting with our wonderful South Korean distributors, such as ANT Co. and Chinwoo Tech. Corporation.

June 2014 Jefford Humes- Manager of Separation Technology- attended NT14: The Fifteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes, hosted by Los Angeles' University of Southern California. NanoIntegris/ Raymor served as one of the industrial sponsors of the event which featured informative speeches and scintillating poster sessions from notable scientists such as Kenji Hata, Mark Hersam, Ming Zheng, Alan Windle, and Mildred Dresselhaus.
Click here or on thumbnail to view photo gallery.

April 2014 Jefford Humes and Nathan Yoder are cited as co-authors for their contribution to an article published in the 104th volume of Applied Physics Letters entitled "High-performance thin-film transistors produced from highly separated solution-processed carbon nanotubes."

April 2014 New York based SIGNL ranks NanoIntegris as the 18th fastest growing industry company founded within Illinois.

February 2014 Jens Kroeger- the Director of Technology for Raymor- attended the 13th Annual International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference in Tokyo, Japan. During the time, he was able to meet our wonderful Asian distributors and discuss with the most skilled nanotechnology experts of real-world nanotube-enabled commercial products such as conductive plastics, transparent conductive films, and elastomers, while sharing ways of incorporating our novel nanomaterials.

January 2014NanoIntegris Inc. has been recognized as a key player in TechNavio's upcoming report on the "Global Carbon Nanotubes Market 2014-2018 ." Their analysts forecast the Global Carbon Nanotubes market to grow at a CAGR of 11.53 percent over the period 2013-2018 with the potential of carbon nanotubes to replace other materials due to increased production capacity and decreasing cost.

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