Electrochemical analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with pyrene-pendant transition metal complexes

EW McQueen, JI Goldsmith - Journal of the American Chemical …, 2009 - ACS Publications

... A 50 μL aliquot of an aqueous suspension of SWNTs (NanoIntegris PureTubes) was then dropped
onto the hot Pt surface, and the water was evaporated, leaving a film of SWNTs adhered to the
metallic electrode. ... 17. Personal communication, NanoIntegris technical staff. . ...

Functional 1.6 GHZ MEMS switch using aligned composite CNT membrane by dielectrophoretic self-assembly

MW Jang, M Lu, T Cui… - Solid-State Sensors, …, 2009 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... Next, a SWNT (99% purified) water solution from Nanointegris was put in an ultrasonic bath with
the chip immersed in the solution vertically, and •Aligned composite SWNT beam : by
Dielectrophoretic Self-assembly process Electrode 1 (Cr/Au) Electrode 2 (Cr/Au) Gate(Cr/Au) ...

Preparation and Application of Chemically Functionalized Graphene

MC Hersam - Nano Lett, 2009 - grapheneconf.com

... Page 2. Hersam Group Nano Lett., 9, 4931 (2009). JPCL, 2, 1004 (2011). www.nanointegris.
com JACS, 132, 17661 (2010). Aqueous surfactant graphene dispersions Hersam Group
Graphene Research: Dispersions Organic solvent graphene dispersions ...

Micro tactile sensors with a suspended and oriented single walled carbon nanotube beam embeded in PDMS elastomer

M Lu, D Lee, T Yeom, T Cui - Solid-State Sensors, Actuators …, 2009 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... systems, etc. SUSPE DED SW T BEAM PREPARATIO As shown in Figure 1, a
dielectrophoretic self-assembly was used to prepare an SWNT film from a 50 g/ml
SWNT (99% purified) water solution (Nanointegris, USA). A small ...

Carbon nanotube alignment using meniscus action

JD Wood, JW Lyding - … , 2009. IEEE-NANO 2009. 9th IEEE …, 2009 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... MATERIALS AND METHODS The SWNTs used were from a PureTubes sample from
NanoIntegris (99% pure HiPCO SWNTs coated in surfactant in aqueous solution). A solution
of 5mL PureTubes was suspended in 200mL of 18.2M-cm DI water. ...

Solution phase production of graphene with controlled thickness via density differentiation

AA GreenMC Hersam - Nano letters, 2009 - ACS Publications

... Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357. We thank Prof. J. Widom and NanoIntegris for
use of their ultracentrifuge rotors as well as Dr. DJ Gosztola for assistance with Raman
spectroscopy. Supporting Information Graphene solution ...

Well-aligned and suspended single-walled carbon nanotube film: Directed self-assembly, patterning, and characterization

M Lu, MW Jang, G Haugstad… - Applied Physics …, 2009 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... Next, 50 g/ml SWNT (99% purified) water solution from NANOINTEGRIS was put
in an ultrasonic bath (80 W, 40 kHz) with the chip immersed in the solution vertically,
and an ac electric field (5 MHz, 2 V/ m) was applied. Finally ...

Circuits, Applications and Outlook

A Keshavarzi, A Raychowdhury - Carbon Nanotube Electronics, 2009 - Springer

... RFNano. CNT RF devices. Xintex, Inc. CNT-based X-ray sources. Nano Integris. Chirality purified
CNTs for electronics. 10.4 Challenges. In order for the nanotubes to come to the forefront of
mainstream commercial use, significant research and development has to continue. ...

Development of single wall carbon nanotube transparent conductive electrodes for organic electronics

RK Jackson - 2009 - smartech.gatech.edu

Presented to The Academic Faculty by Roderick Kinte´ Jackson ...

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