Electrical Transport Properties of Multilayered Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films

Y Zhao, W Li - Journal of Nanotechnology, 2012 - hindawi.com

... 2. Experiments. In this research, we used commercially available HiPco purified SWCNTs
and high purity (95%) metallic SWCNTs from http://www.NanoIntegris.com. The HiPco
SWCNTs are mixture of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes. ...

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Precise alignment of individual carbon nanotubes for nanoelectronics

J CaoAM Ionescu - … IEEE-NANO), 2012 12th IEEE Conference …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... Two sources of commercially available CNTs have been used: SW@NT Inc. and NanoIntegris
Inc .. ... Page 2. "Solution 2" -10 nglmL (SW@NT Inc.), and "Solution 3" -lO nglmL (NanoIntegris
Inc.). All CNT assembly results were observed with a focus on the trench region (Fig. ...

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Investigation of ultraviolet optical properties of semiconducting-enriched and metal-enriched single-walled carbon nanotube networks using spectroscopic …

YR Park, WJ Kim, MJ Ko, NK Min, CJ Lee - Nanoscale, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... In addition, Fig. 2(f) shows the semi-SWCNT (95% purity) network film of Nanointegris Inc. ...
π-plasmon energy shifts from 5.0 eV to 4.5 eV as SWCNT network was changed from
semi-SWCNT to m-SWCNT. (f) is semi-SWCNT (95% purity) network film of Nanointegris Inc. ...

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Electrical Behavior of Langmuir–Blodgett Networks of Sorted Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

MK Massey, MC Rosamond, C Pearson, DA Zeze… - Langmuir, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Experimental Methods. Sorted single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were
obtained from NanoIntegris in dried mat form. The unsorted material was separated
by NanoIntegris by density gradient ultracentrifugation into ...

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[PDF] Infrared Optoelectronic Properties and Applications of Monodisperse Carbon Nanomaterials

MC Hersam - miomd-11.northwestern.edu

... In 2007, Dr. Hersam co-founded NanoIntegris, which is a start-up company focused on
supplying high performance carbon nanomaterials. ... [3] AA Green and MC Hersam,
Advanced Materials, 23, 2185 (2011). [4] http://www.nanointegris.com/ ...

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Extremely bendable, high-performance integrated circuits using semiconducting carbon nanotube networks for digital, analog, and radio-frequency applications

C Wang, JC Chien, K Takei, T Takahashi, J Nah… - Nano …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... is used to functionalize the SiO x surface for 5 min to form amine-terminated adhesion layer
followed by a deionized (DI) water rinse, and the sample is subsequently immersed into the
commercially available 0.01 mg/mL semiconducting nanotube solution (NanoIntegris Inc.) for ...

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Graphene impregnated with horseradish peroxidase multimer for the determination of hydrogen peroxide

Y Umasankar, B Unnikrishnan, SM Chen… - Analytical Methods, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... Graphene dispersion (PureSheets MONO, average flake area = 10 000 nm 2 ) obtained from
NanoIntegris was used as received. ... The homogeneous graphene dispersion, in which the
graphene was dispersed in ionic type surfactant solution, was obtained from NanoIntegris...

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[CITATION] Fabrication Technique of Highly Dense Aligned Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Devices

A ElkadiE Decrossas, SM El-Ghazaly - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... FABRICATION TECHNIQUE The semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes furnished
by Nanointegris suspended in aqueous solution are deposited and aligned using an AC
dielectrophoresis (DEP) technique, [2, 3], across the horizontal electrodes presented in Fig. ...

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Effect of doping on single-walled carbon nanotubes network of different metallicity

JN Tey, X Ho, J Wei - Nanoscale research letters, 2012 - Springer

... 548 Page 2. Methods CNT films preparation and post-treatment steps 95% S-SWNT
and 90% M-SWNT were purchased com- mercially (IsoNanotubes-S and
IsoNanotubes-M from NanoIntegris Inc, Menlo Park, CA, USA). A ...

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[HTML] X-ray absorption spectroscopy by full-field X-ray microscopy of a thin graphite flake: Imaging and electronic structure via the carbon K-edge

C Bittencourt, AP Hitchock, X Ke… - Beilstein Journal of …, 2012 - beilstein-journals.org

... The sample was obtained from NanoIntegris (Illinois, USA) in the form of “PureSheets” (MONO). ...
It is available free for noncommercial use from http://unicorn.mcmaster.ca/aXis2000.html. Go
to reference 27. 20. NanoIntegris. http://www.nanointegris.com/. Go to reference 20. 21. ...

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[HTML] Pharmaceutical characterization of solid and dispersed carbon nanotubes as nanoexcipients

MV Ivanova, C Lamprecht, MJ Loureiro… - International journal …, 2012 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

... Single- walled CNTs and multi-walled CNTs with a manufacturer reported purity of >95% were
purchased from several suppliers, ie, NanoIntegris Inc (Skokie, IL), Cheap Tubes Inc (Brattleboro,
VT), NanoLab Inc (Newton, MA), and Unidym Inc (Sunnyvale, CA). ...

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Anomalous photoluminescence Stokes shift in CdSe nanoparticle and carbon nanotube hybrids

AJ Akey, C Lu, L Wu, Y Zhu, IP Herman - Physical Review B, 2012 - APS

... Purified SWNT (either HiPCO following acid and thermal treatment to remove remaining catalyst
particles or arc-discharge purchased already purified from NanoIntegris) were added to the NP
solution and sonicated together for 1 h. The resulting hybrids were then washed with ...

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The use of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube films to measure X-ray dose

Q Kang, JTW Yeow, R Barnett - Carbon, 2012 - Elsevier

... Semiconducting SWCNT aqueous surfactant solution (10 μg/ml, SWCNT diameter range:
1.2–1.7 nm, length range 300 nm–5 μm, purity 95%, low damage, manufacturer: NanoIntegris)
was deposited on this area using vacuum filtration method 1 to form a layer of surfactant free ...

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Self-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors on Flexible Substrates With Novel Source–Drain Contact and Multilayer Metal Interconnection

DT Pham, H Subbaraman, MY Chen… - Nanotechnology, …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... When this happens, a new contact line is formed as shown in Figure 1. In this work, 99% pure
semiconducting single walled carbon nanotubes in surfactant solvent from Nanointegris, Inc is
used (S10-671, 0.1mg in 10mL aqueous solution) for the dip-coat technique to deposit ...

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Fabricating graphene supercapacitors: highlighting the impact of surfactants and moieties

AC Dale - Chemical Communications, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... Graphene was commercially obtained from either: NanoIntegris (Illinois, USA),6 or Graphene
Supermarket (Reading, MA, USA).7 The former are known as 'PureSheets™' which are produced
via density gradient ultracentrifugation and the methodology has been reported and ...

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Light-harvesting using metallic interdigitated structures modified with Au sputtered graphene

A Radoi, M Dragoman, A Cismaru… - Semiconductor …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... bandwidth ranges [9]. 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS Graphene was supplied by
NanoIntegris, USA (PureSheets™ QUATTRO) as a water-based dispersion (0.05
mg/mL) containing 2% (w/v) ionic surfactant. In order to remove ...

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Number of graphene layers exhibiting an influence on oxidation of DNA bases: Analytical parameters

MS Goh, M Pumera - Analytica chimica acta, 2012 - Elsevier

... G-DL and G-FL were obtained from NanoIntegris, IL, USA, while multilayer graphene (product
number 698830, base dimensions 100 nm × 100 nm, length 5 μm) and graphite (product number
282863, size of particles 10–20 μm) were purchased from Sigma–Aldrich, USA. ...

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Comparative study of single-, few-, and multilayered graphene toward enzyme conjugation and electrochemical response

S Alwarappan, S Boyapalle, A Kumar… - The Journal of …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Experimental Section. Materials Single-layered graphene was received as a gift
from Angstron Materials, and few-layered graphene was purchased from Nanointegris.
Multilayered graphene was synthesized according to the ...

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Ultrafast hydrogen sensing through hybrids of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes and tin oxide nanocrystals

S MaoS CuiK YuZ WenG Lu, J Chen - Nanoscale, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... To prepare randomly dispersed SWCNTs on Au electrodes , one droplet (2 μL) SWCNT
suspension (IsoNanotubes-S, 95% semiconducting tubes, 1 mg/100 mL, NanoIntegris) was
pipetted onto the electrodes to form a discrete network of SWCNTs after the solvent evaporation . ...

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Effect of first row transition metals on the conductivity of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube networks

F Wang, ME Itkis, EB Bekyarova, X Tian… - Applied Physics …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... In this study, we utilized purified semiconducting SWNTs [SC-SWNTs, IsoNanotubes-S (99%),
NanoIntegris Inc.] with ratio of semiconducting to metallic SWNTs of 99 to 1, which were produced
by the electric arc discharge pro- cess and separated by density-gradient ...

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Ultra-sensitive suspended graphene nanocomposite cancer sensors with strong suppression of electrical noise

B Zhang, Q Li, T Cui - Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2012 - Elsevier

... detection limit. 2. Experiments. 2.1. Materials. Research grade graphene (PureSheets™,
0.25 mg/ml) and carbon nanotube suspension solution (PureTube™, 0.25 mg/ml) were
purchased from Nanointegris Inc. The polyelectrolytes ...

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Purification of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Controlling the Adsorbability onto Agarose Gels Using Deoxycholate

A Hirano, T Tanaka, Y Urabe… - The Journal of Physical …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Materials and Methods. Dispersion of SWCNTs Raw SWCNTs produced by
high-pressure catalytic CO (HiPco) decomposition were purchased from NanoIntegris
and were used as the starting material for the following methods. ...

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Graphene as a quencher of electronic excited states of photochemical probes

M de Miguel, M Álvaro, H García - Langmuir, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Experimental Section. Graphene solutions (50 mg L –1 ) were supplied by NanoIntegris and
contained an anionic surfactant (less than 1 wt %) as a stabilizer. ... The authors thank NanoIntegris
for the generous gift of the graphene solution used in this study. ...

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High-perfermance and low-cost ion sensitive sensor array based on self-assembled graphene

B Zhang, T Cui - Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2012 - Elsevier

... to enhance the surface properties. Research grade graphene (PureSheets™, 0.25
mg/ml) and carbon nanotube suspension solutions (PureTube™, 0.25 mg/ml) were
purchased from Nanointegris Inc. Next, the substrate was ...

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Enhanced thermoelectric power in nanopatterned carbon nanotube film

S Jung, KB Kim, G Fernandes, JH Kim, F Wahab… - …, 2012 - iopscience.iop.org

... Close. 2. Experiments. A surfactant-dispersed single-walled CNT solution (1% sodium dodecyl
sulfate), which is composed of 1/3 semiconducting CNT and 2/3 metallic CNT, with average
diameter around 1.4 nm, was purchased from Nanointegris, Inc. ...

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[PDF] Radiation effects in carbon nanoelectronics

CD Cress, JJ McMorrow, JT Robinson, BJ Landi… - Electronics, 2012 - mdpi.com

... utilizing the NRL NanoScience Institute cleanroom facilities. The preparation of SWCNT thin films
(98% semiconducting-enriched, NanoIntegris, Inc.) and subsequent SWCNT-TFT
photolithographic processing closely follow our previously reported procedure found in ref. [8, ...

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Buffered internal stresses in diamond-like carbon films reinforced with single-walled carbon nanotubes

K Chiba, M Tada - Thin Solid Films, 2012 - Elsevier

... propagation and delamination. 2. Experimental details. Samples were prepared by
sputtering DLC films onto spray-coated SWCNTs (NanoIntegris Inc., mean diameter
1.4 nm, mean length 1.0 μm) on glass or PET substrates. 75 μm ...

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Work function tuning for flexible transparent electrodes based on functionalized metallic single walled carbon nanotubes

EJ Spadafora, K Saint-Aubin, C Celle, R Demadrille… - Carbon, 2012 - Elsevier

... devices. 2. Experimental. 2.1. Sample fabrication. The m-SWCNTs used in this work
were purchased from Nanointegris, with typical lengths of individual tubes ranging
from 300 nm to 4 μm and an average diameter of 1.5 nm. ...

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Ordered Assembly of Sorted Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Drying an Aqueous Droplet on a Meshed Substrate

G LuK Yu, J Chen - Journal of Nanoscience and …, 2012 - ingentaconnect.com

... 2. EXPERIMENTAL DETAILS Aqueous solution that contains predominantly semicon- ducting
SWCNTs (greater than 95%; 0.01 mg/ml) was pur- chased from NanoIntegris Inc. ... 25. NanoIntegris
Inc., Technical Data Sheet, http://www.nanointegris. com/en/downloads. 26. ...

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Silica-carbon nanotubes composite coatings as saturable absorbers

J Pilipavicius, N Rusteika, A Kausas… - … (IEEE-NANO), 2012 …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... II. EXPERIMENTAL Aqueous colloidal solutions of semiconducting (IsoNanotubes-S 0,01
mg/mL) and unsorted (PureTubes 0,25 mg/mL) single walled carbon nanotubes were purchased
from Nanointegris, Polyvinylpirrolidone (PVP 360 OOOM), Poly(4-vinylpiridine) (P4VP 60 ...

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Synthesis of Silica-Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials and Their Application for Laser Systems

J Pilipavicius, D Sakalauskas… - IOP Conference …, 2012 - iopscience.iop.org

... 2. Experimental Aqueous colloidal solutions of semiconducting (IsoNanotubes-S 0,01 mg/mL)
and unsorted (PureTubes 0,25 mg/mL) single walled carbon nanotubes were purchased from
Nanointegris, Polyvinylpirrolidone (PVP 360 000M), Poly(4-vinylpiridine) (P4VP 60 000M ...

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[PDF] MSM photodetector based on gold decorated graphene ink

A Radoi - phantomsnet.net

... The Au-Pt IDT array was manufactured on HR Si substrate using standard metallization techniques
and photolithography. Pristine graphene nanoplatelets (PureSheets QUATTRO, NanoIntegris,
USA) were purified by removing the surfactant and re-suspension in distilled water. ...

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Tunable shrink induced graphene composites for chemical sensors and microfluidics

B Zhang, T Cui - … Mechanical Systems (MEMS), 2012 IEEE 25th …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... The concentrations of aqueous PDDA and PSS are 1.5 and 0.3 wt%, respectively, with an addition
of 0.5 M sodium chloride to enhance the surface properties. Research grade graphene
(PureSheetsTM, 0.25 mg/ml) suspension solution was purchased from Nanointegris Inc. ...

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Carbon nanotube based prototype as THz time domain sources/detectors

E DecrossasA Elkadi… - Infrared, Millimeter, and …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... 1. The suspended carbon nanotubes in aqueous solution manufactured by
NanoIntegris consists of 10 µg/ml of 99% pure semiconducting SWCNTs with a
diameter range of 1.2 nm to 1.7 nm, and length from 300 nm to 5 μm. ...

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[CITATION] (Invited) Functional Inks Based on Monodisperse Carbon Nanomaterials

MC Hersam - Meeting Abstracts, 2012 - ma.ecsdl.org

... [1] J. Liu and MC Hersam, MRS Bulletin, 35, 315 (2010). [2] MC Hersam, Nature Nanotechnology,
3, 387 (2008). [3] http://www.nanointegris.com/ [4] AA Green and MC Hersam, Nature
Nanotechnology, 4, 64 (2009). [5] AA Green and MC Hersam, ACS Nano, 5, 1459 (2011). ...

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Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitance of Metallic and Semiconducting SWCNTs and Single Layer Graphene

MH Ervin, B Mailly, T Palacios - ECS Transactions, 2012 - ecst.ecsdl.org

... Experimental 99% pure SC- and 95% pure M-CNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris
in mat form, and they have had the surfactants used in the ultra-density centrifugation
(UDC) process removed using a proprietary process. ...

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Solution-based fabrication of p-channel and n-channel field-effect transistors using random and aligned carbon nanotube networks

Y Duan, JL Juhala, BW Griffith, W Xue - Microelectronic Engineering, 2012 - Elsevier

... creation of logic gate circuits. 2. Materials and experimental methods. The 90% pure
semiconducting SWNT (IsoNanotubes-S) solution used in this project was purchased
from NanoIntegris Inc. The polyelectrolytes used in self ...

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Ion irradiation of electronic-type-separated single wall carbon nanotubes: A model for radiation effects in nanostructured carbon

JE Rossi, CD Cress, AR Helenic… - Journal of Applied …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... Separated metallic (Iso-Nanotubes-M, Batch #M11-766) and semiconducting (Iso-Nanotubes-
S, Batch #S11-368) SWCNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris, and dispersed via
ultrasonication in sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium de- oxycholate, respectively. ...

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Surfactants used for dispersion of graphenes exhibit strong influence on electrochemical impedance spectroscopic response

A Bonanni, M Pumera - Electrochemistry Communications, 2012 - Elsevier

... layer, 48% double layer, 20% triple layer and 5% 4 + layer content) and Graphene-B (commercial
name “Pure sheets QUATTRO graphene”; composition: 6% single layer, 23% double layer, 27%
triple layer and 44% 4 + layer content) were provided by NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL). ...

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Well Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) Film as a Building Block for MEMS/NEMS Devices

B Wang, H Rong, M Lu - ECS Transactions, 2012 - ecst.ecsdl.org

... assembly. After that, 50 µL SWNT (99% purified) water solution from Nanointegris
with concentration from10 to 100 µg/ml was dipped in a reservoir, and the SWNT
solution flowed through the channel due to a capillary force. ...

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Wafer scale thin-film transistors using different semiconducting purity nanotubes, dielectric materials and gate control

KC Narasimhamurthy, R Paily - Solid-State Electronics, 2012 - Elsevier

... The next process is SWCNT thin-film deposition on the amino-silane treated [13] and [14] SiO
2 /HfO X surface. To deposit the SWCNTs, the wafer is immersed in the nanotube solution
containing 90% or 95% enriched s-SWCNTs obtained from NanoIntegris Inc. USA, for 20 min. ...

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Floating electrode transistor based on purified semiconducting carbon nanotubes for high source–drain voltage operation

J Lee, H Lee, T Kim, HJ Jin, J Shin, Y Shin… - …, 2012 - iopscience.iop.org

... Semiconducting swCNT suspensions were prepared by dissolving ~2.5 mg of semiconducting
swCNTs with 99% purity (NanoIntegris, average diameter ~1.6 nm) into ~50 ml o-dichlorobenzene
and applying sonication for 1 h. Then, the substrate was immersed in the ...

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Vertically aligned carbon nanotube field-effect transistors

J Li, C Zhao, Q Wang, Q ZhangZ Wang, XX Zhang… - Carbon, 2012 - Elsevier

... The deposition power, target to substrate distance were 100 W, 20 cm, respectively. The drain
layer was of 20 nm-Ti and 85 nm-Au. Commercial SWCNT solution (Nanointegris,
IsoNanotubes-STM, semiconductor purity 99%) was used in our experiment. ...

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Nanoscale optical and electrical characterization of horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes

RD Rodriguez, M Toader, S Hermann… - Nanoscale research …, 2012 - Springer

... Subsequently, purified and type-selected CNTs (98% semiconducting provided by NanoIntegris
Inc., CA, USA), dispersed in deionized water containing 0.2 wt.% of sodium dodecyl sulfate, were
deposited and aligned between the electrodes by dielectrophoresis [13]. ...

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Towards CMOS-compatible single-walled carbon nanotube resonators

H Pathangi, V Cherman, A Khaled, B Soree… - Microelectronic …, 2012 - Elsevier

... Commercial SWCNTs were purchased from Nanointegris and dispersed in N-methyl pyrrolidone
(NMP) by a controlled sonication-centrifugation process, as reported in [7]. Dielectrophoretic
assembly was carried out on a 2-probe wafer prober set-up at ambient conditions. ...

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Rigid/flexible transparent electronics based on separated carbon nanotube thin-film transistors and their application in display electronics

J ZhangC Wang, C Zhou - ACS nano, 2012 - ACS Publications

... The 98% semiconducting nanotubes obtained from NanoIntegris, Inc. ... The sample was then
rinsed with IPA and immersed into commercially available a 0.01 mg/mL, 98%
semiconducting nanotubes nanotube solution (NanoIntegris Inc.) for 30 min. ...

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Surface functionalization without lattice degradation of highly crystalline nanoscaled carbon materials using a carbon monoxide atmospheric plasma treatment

RJ Zaldivar, JP Nokes, PM Adams, K Hammoud… - Carbon, 2012 - Elsevier

... contact angle measurements. The graphite nanoplatelets were obtained from XG
Sciences and are Grade M-5 (5 nm thickness). The SWCNT used were PureTubes
supplied by NanoIntegris. 2.2. Treatment methodology. All of the ...

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Controlling the doping of single-walled carbon nanotube networks by proton irradiation

D Walker, CJ Mann, CJ Panetta, DR Alaan… - Applied Physics …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... MTM (metallic SWNTs), and SuperPureTubesTM (unsorted SWNTs). Detailed
information about the SWNTs can be found at the manufacturer's website,
www.nanointegris.com. Films of me- tallic, semiconducting, and unsorted ...

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Comparative study of solution-processed carbon nanotube network transistors

SJ ChoiC Wang, C Chi Lo, P Bennett… - Applied Physics …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... 0.1% w/v in water; Sigma Aldrich), to form an amine- terminated adhesion layer followed by a
deionized (DI) water rinse.7,8 Subsequently, the samples were immersed in a commercially
available solution (0.01 mg/ml) of semicon- ducting nanotubes (Nano Integris Inc.) for 1min ...

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Short-Channel Transistors Constructed with Solution-Processed Carbon Nanotubes

SJ Choi, P Bennett, K TakeiC Wang, CC Lo, A Javey… - ACS …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... The devices used in this work were composed of a purified, commercially available 90%
semiconducting SWNT solution (0.01 mg/mL, average diameter ranging from 1.2 to 1.7 nm,
determined by the commercial provider, Nano Integris Inc.) bridging metal source (S) and drain ...

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Dielectrophoretic assembly of suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes

H Pathangi, G Groeseneken, A Witvrouw - Microelectronic Engineering, 2012 - Elsevier

... 2.2. SWCNT dispersion. Ultrapure SWCNT samples, synthesized by an arc discharge
process, were purchased from NanoIntegris (batch #PC10-478). The diameter of the
nanotubes range between 1-1.4 nm and their average length is 1 μm. ...

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Exciton diffusion in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by transient absorption microscopy

BA Ruzicka, R Wang, J Lohrman, S RenH Zhao - Physical Review B, 2012 - APS

... PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 205417 (2012) High-purity semiconducting SWNTs with nominal
di- ameters in the range of 1.2–1.7 nm and lengths in the range of 300 nm–5 μm
(IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris, 98% purity) were used in this study. ...

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Emulsifier‐Free Graphene Dispersions with High Graphene Content for Printed Electronics and Freestanding Graphene Films

FJ Tölle, M Fabritius, R Mülhaupt - Advanced Functional …, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... conducting graphene printing inks and suspensions are commercially available, eg, Vor-ink from
Vorbeck, their formulations have not been disclosed.46 Other reports have described the direct
printing of graphene dispersions (PureSheets, Nanointegris) containing noble-metal ...

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Controllable photoelectron transfer in CdSe nanocrystal–carbon nanotube hybrid structures

K YuG Lu, K Chen, S Mao, H Kim, J Chen - Nanoscale, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... width and an interfinger spacing of about 1 μm were fabricated on SiO 2 /Si substrates using
an e-beam lithographic process.25 An aqueous solution that contains predominantly
semiconducting SWCNTs (greater than 95%; 0.01 mg ml −1 ) was purchased from NanoIntegris ...

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Surface plasmon enhanced optical transmission through subwavelength apertures with carbon nanotubes

EAA Nasir, QYS Wu, ZN Chen, J Teng… - … (APCAP), 2012 IEEE …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... perforated hole-arrays ngth 14.2 um to 83.3 on with surfactant, n, centrifugation is catalysts from
the cult due to the Van meter of tube-tube from Nanointegris filtering and rinsing e. Once ready,
the Sonics Vibracell at at 13000 rpm for 5 natant is decanted, bundles. ...

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Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors with Graphene Oxide Passivation for Fast, Sensitive, and Selective Protein Detection

J Chang, S MaoY ZhangS Cui, DA Steeber… - Biosensors and …, 2012 - Elsevier

... biosensor applications. 2. Materials and methods. 2.1. Materials. SWNTs (~98%
semiconducting) were ordered from NanoIntegris, which were synthesized using
the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. 2-aminoethanethiol ...

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A molybdenum disulfide/carbon nanotube heterogeneous complementary inverter

J Huang, S SomuA Busnaina - Nanotechnology, 2012 - iopscience.iop.org

... Single-walled CNTs (Nanointegris, IsoNanotubes-S, 99% semiconducting tubes) were
then assembled using dielectrophoresis (DEP) at 3 MHz and 3 Vpp for 2 min across the
pre-patterned metal electrodes (electrode gap 1 μm, width 20 μm). ...

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Selective dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes via easily accessible conjugated click polymers

P Gerstel, S Klumpp, F Hennrich, O Altintas… - Polymer …, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... Preparation of polymer–SWCNT dispersions. Dispersions of SWCNTs were obtained
by sonicating pristine HiPco SWCNTs (purchased from NanoIntegris) in toluene with
an excess of the polymer under investigation. Typically ...

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Self-Aligned T-Gate High-Purity Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube RF Transistors Operated in Quasi-Ballistic Transport and Quantum Capacitance Regime

Y Che, A Badmaev, A Jooyaie, T Wu, J Zhang… - ACS …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Results and Discussion. Figure 1a shows a field emission scanned electron microscope
(FESEM) image of a typical high-density and uniform-separated 98% semiconducting
nanotube thin film (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris, Inc.). ...

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Solid organic acid tetrafluorohydroquinone functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube chemiresistive sensors for highly sensitive and selective formaldehyde …

D Shi, L Wei, J Wang, J Zhao, C Chen, D Xu… - Sensors and Actuators B …, 2012 - Elsevier

... For the fabrication of SWNT chemiresistive sensor, the sorted, 99% semiconducting SWNTs
(purchased from Nano Integris Co.) were first deposited on a Si/SiO 2 wafer using a self-assembly
method reported previously [25] and [31] with minor modification. The 3 in. ...

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[PDF] Impact of Synthesis and Purification Methods on the Transport of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Aquatic Environments

I Chowdhury, MC Duch, CC Gits… - Fate, Transport, and …, 2012 - escholarship.org

... in this study. Purified HiPco, SG65 and P2 SWNTs were purchased from NanoIntegris
(Skokie, IL), Southwest Nano Technologies (Norman, OK) and Carbon Solutions,
Inc (Riverside, CA) respectively. Each dispersed grade ...

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Impact of Synthesis Methods on the Transport of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Aquatic Environment

I Chowdhury, MC Duch, CC Gits… - … science & technology, 2012 - ACS Publications

... this study. Purified HiPco, CoMoCat SG65, and P2 SWCNTs were purchased from
NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL), Southwest Nano Technologies (Norman, OK), and Carbon
Solutions, Inc. (Riverside, CA), respectively. Each dispersed ...

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Note: Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy with objective scanner on opaque samples

M Nicklaus, C Nauenheim, A Krayev… - Review of Scientific …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... The white lines are a guide to the eye. ter deposition. A 30 μL droplet of an aqueous CNT
solution (NanoIntegris, 1 mg CNTs in 100 mL) was dispersed onto the Au substrate, which
was then rinsed with DI water and dried in a nitrogen flow. ...

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Extraordinary Photocurrent Harvesting at Type-II Heterojunction Interfaces: Toward High Detectivity Carbon Nanotube Infrared Detectors

R Lu, C Christianson, A Kirkeminde, S Ren, J Wu - Nano letters, 2012 - ACS Publications

... shown in Figure 1a. High-purity ( 98%) s-SWCNTs with nominal diameter in the range
1.2–1.7 nm and length in the range 300 nm to 5 μm (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris)
were used in this study. The use of s-SWCNTs with ...

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Controlling the energy band gap of aligned semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes for THz modulator

A ElkadiE Decrossas, SQ Yu… - … (EuMIC), 2012 7th …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... III. DEVICE PROTOTYPE The semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes, which are
furnished by Nanointegris suspended in an aqueous solution are deposited and aligned using
an AC dielectrophoresis technique as presented in [10] across the horizontal electrodes ...

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High-yield fabrication of graphene chemiresistors with dielectrophoresis

P Li, N Lei, J XuW Xue - Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

... After the etching steps, the actual width of the fingers w is reduced to 1.5–2.5 μm from the
designed width of 3 μm; the gap g is increased to approximately 4 μm. Both graphene and
s-SWNT solutions are obtained from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL). ...

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Development of carbon nanotube paste for dye-sensitized solar cells

M Tsuji, S Sugiyama, T Oya - SPIE …, 2012 - proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org

... The fabrication procedure of the paste is follows. (1) A solution of Triton-X is prepared
by mixing 8 ml of Triton-X with 8 ml of water. (2) 15 mg of SWCNT (Nanointegris Inc.
Diameter: 08-L2 nm, length: 100-1000 rim) is mixed into the solution. ...

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Label‐free indicator‐free nucleic acid biosensors using carbon nanotubes

K Balasubramanian - Engineering in Life Sciences, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... There are methods emerging to obtain high-purity nanotubes of just one chemical
structure [25]. However, these nanotubes are usually short (<1 μ) and are available
only in the single-walled form (http://www.nanointegris.com). ...

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Tip‐enhanced broadband CARS spectroscopy and imaging using a photonic crystal fiber based broadband light source

K Furusawa, N Hayazawa, FC Catalan… - Journal of Raman …, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... We used HiPCO S-CNTs with their diameters ranging from 1.2 to 1.7 nm (Nanointegris,
Isonatnotube-S). We started from a water solution and followed the procedure described in
[18] to obtain sparsely dispersed, surfactant free S-CNTs on a glass cover slip. ...

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Superconductivity in Bundles of Double-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

W Shi, Z Wang, Q Zhang, Y Zheng, C Ieong, M He… - Scientific reports, 2012 - nature.com

... However, since the outer tubes used (in growing the inner tubes) for this DWCNT batch
is the high-purity metallic carbon nanotube (98%, NanoIntegris Corp.), it is most likely
that the outer tubes of Z-14 are also metallic in character. ...

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All‐Printed Carbon Nanotube finFETs on Plastic Substrates for High‐Performance Flexible Electronics

J Shi, CX Guo, MB Chan‐Park, CM Li - Advanced Materials, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... deposited using a pipette to place CNT solution droplets on the protrusions of the Au-coated
silicon mold (Figure 1). The CNT solution with an estimated concentration of 0.34 μg mL −1 was
prepared by dispersing commercially available enriched SWCNTs (Nanointegris) of 99 ...

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Nanomaterials application in electrochemical detection of heavy metals

G Aragay, A Merkoçi - Electrochimica Acta, 2012 - Elsevier

... Contrary to some works reported in the literature [42] and [43], Browson and Banks demonstrated
that commercially available graphene (NanoIntegris, IL, USA) enhanced nucleation of heavy
metals but inhibited the stripping step of cadmium ions due to the presence of ...

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A general approach for high yield fabrication of CMOS-compatible all-semiconducting carbon nanotube field effect transistors

MR IslamKJ Kormondy, E Silbar… - Nanotechnology, 2012 - iopscience.iop.org

... liquid nitrogen cooled stage. After lift-off, the devices were treated in oxygen plasma
to obtain a thin layer of Al 2 O 3 . The s-SWNT aqueous solution used in this study
was obtained from NanoIntegris [31]. The s-SWNTs have ...

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High-Performance Printed Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors Array Fabricated by a Nonlithography Technique Using Hafnium Oxide Passivation Layer and …

SK Raman Pillai, MB Chan-Park - ACS applied materials & …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... The CNT solution used in the spraying process was made from purified 99%
semiconducting (original concentration 0.01 mg/mL) nanotubes from Nanointegris Inc.
The solution was further diluted with DI water to 0.0005 mg/mL concentration. ...

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Comparison of complex permittivities of isotonic colloids containing single‐wall carbon nanotubes of varying chirality

T Nair, JT Symanowski, HM Gach - Bioelectromagnetics, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... SWCNT samples of IsoNanotubes-M (95% metallic, 5% semiconducting), IsoNanotubes-S (95%
semiconducting, 5% metallic), and PureTubes (99% mixed of which 25–33% were metallic) were
purchased from NanoIntegris (Skokie, IL) in the form of individual 5 mg mats. ...

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Molecular-Basis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Recognition by Single-Stranded DNA

D RoxburyJ MittalA Jagota - Nano letters, 2012 - ACS Publications

... of sodium counterions. Photoluminescence of SWCNTs To explore the special affinity
of (TAT) 4 for small diameter SWCNTs, two separate dispersions of Hipco SWCNTs
(NanoIntegris) were produced. The Hipco nanotube sample ...

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Nanotechnologies pour la bolométrie infrarouge

C Koechlin - 2012 - hal.archives-ouvertes.fr

Page 1. Nanotechnologies pour la bolométrie infrarouge TH`ESE présentée et soutenue
publiquement le 5 Octobre 2012 pour l'obtention du Diplôme de Docteur de l'Université
d'Orsay Spécialité Physique par Charlie Koechlin Composition du jury ...

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[CITATION] Functional Nanomaterials

A Subramania, W Ramadan, SD Bhagat

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DNA Oligonucleotide Templated Nanohybrids Using Electronic Type Sorted Carbon Nanotubes for Light Harvesting

H Zhang, BA Baker, TG Cha, MD Sauffer… - Advanced …, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... sodium ascorbate and sodium iodide were obtained from Sigma Aldrich. Electronic
type sorted SWCNTs (ie semiconducting, metallic, and unsorted tubes) were obtained
from NanoIntegris. The 5,10,15,20-tetra-(N-methyl-4-pyridyl ...

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Optical Properties of Assembled Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Gels

GN Ostojic - ChemPhysChem, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... HiPco SWNTs were solubilized in 1 % w/v sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) aqueous
solution1 to obtain a 1 mg mL −1 density SWNT/SDS solution (NanoIntegris). To
obtain SA/DNA complexes, biotin labeled ssDNA, (AC) 10 (IDT ...

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TiO2 Composing with Pristine, Metallic or Semiconducting Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Which Gives the Best Performance for a Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cell

GH Guai, Y Li, CM Ng, CM Li… - ChemPhysChem, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... The as-prepared m-SWCNTs and s-SWCNTs (IsoNanotubes-S, 99+ % purity, Nanointegris)
were used to prepare a dispersion (0.2 mg mL −1 ) in acetone medium using the same method
described above. Fabrication of TiO 2 /SWCNT Photoanodes. ...

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Separation of Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Q Wanga - Carbon Nanotubes and Their Applications, 2012 - books.google.com

... The scalability and economic viability of DGU have already been reported in the
literature. To date, DGU is the only separation technique that can deliver high-purity
m/s–SWCNT commercial products (NanoIntegris). However ...

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[HTML] Carbon nanotube solar cells

C Klinger, Y Patel, HWC Postma - PloS one, 2012 - dx.plos.org

... Materials and Methods. Cell Construction. The enriched CNSCs (figure 1) consist of a
transparent glass slide covered with an enriched mixture of 90% semiconducting and 10%
metallic nanotubes (IsoNanotubes-S 90% Powder, Nano Integris Inc.). ...

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ITO Replacements: Carbon Nanotubes

A Schindler - Handbook of Visual Display Technology, 2012 - Springer

... Fig. 4b) [43]. Samsung in collaboration with NanoIntegris introduced CNT TECs into
electrophoretic displays and demonstrated a 14.3 in. full-color e-paper at the 8th
International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) in 2008. ...

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The Development of nanomaterials for high performance lithium ion battery anodes

RA Dileo - 2012 - ritdml.rit.edu

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For the degree ...

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Nanocarbon-based photovoltaics

M Bernardi, J Lohrman, PV Kumar, A Kirkeminde… - Acs Nano, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Preparation and Characterization of Carbon-Based Solar Cell Devices We used two distinct
samples of high purity s-SWCNT (IsoNanotube-S from NanoIntegris, 98% purity) with different
diameters in the range of, respectively, 0.75–1.2 nm and 1.2–1.7 nm and lengths in the ...

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Interfacial Thermal Conductance Observed to be Higher in Semiconducting than Metallic Carbon Nanotubes

SD Kang, SC Lim, ES Lee, YW Cho, YH Kim, HK Lyeo… - ACS …, 2012 - ACS Publications

... Methods. Sample Preparation Metallic and semiconducting SWCNTs of >95% purity,
produced by the arc discharge method, were purchased from NanoIntegris Inc. The
SWCNTs were rinsed with methanol to remove the residual ...

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High‐Performance Inkjet Printed Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors with High‐k HfO2 Dielectric on Plastic Substrate

CW Lee, R Pillai, S Kumar, X Luan, Y Wang, CM Li… - Small, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

... Commercially available purified 99% semiconducting nanotubes aqueous dispersion
supplied by Nanointegris, Inc. was used as stock base material, which was diluted
with DI water at 1 to 9 volume ratio to approximately 0.001 ...

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Carbon nanotube structure, synthesis, and applications

C SINGH, W SONG - The Toxicology of Carbon Nanotubes, 2012 - books.google.com

... Recent progress in selective growth and sorting of metallic and semiconducting SWCNTs has
made high-purity and nearly-single-chiral nanotubes commercially available (SouthWest Nano
Technologies and NanoIntegris) though significantly more expensive, with price for ...

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Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Networks as Efficient Hole Extraction Layers for Organic Photovoltaics

GDMR Dabera, KDGI Jayawardena, MRR Prabhath… - ACS …, 2012 - ACS Publications

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Thermodynamic Determination of the Metal/Semiconductor Separation of Carbon Nanotubes Using Hydrogels

A Hirano, T Tanaka, H Kataura - ACS nano, 2012 - ACS Publications

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Graphene electrochemistry: fundamental concepts through to prominent applications

DAC Brownson, DK Kampouris… - Chemical Society Reviews, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

... Pristine graphene; commercially available from 'Graphene Supermarket', produced via a
substrate-free gas-phase synthesis method.30,31 ‡: Chemically exfoliated graphene; commercially
available from 'NanoIntegris', produced via a surfactant intercalation process – note ...

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Charge Injection in High-κ Gate Dielectrics of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors

JJ McMorrow, CD Cress, CA Affouda - ACS nano, 2012 - ACS Publications

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Photosensitized electron transfer processes of nanocarbons applicable to solar cells

F D'Souza, O Ito - Chemical Society Reviews, 2012 - pubs.rsc.org

RSC Publishing Logo View PDF VersionView Previous ArticleView Next Article
DOI:10.1039/C1CS15201G (Tutorial Review) Chem. Soc. Rev., 2012, 41, 86-96.
Photosensitized electron transfer processes of nanocarbons applicable to solar cells. ...

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[CITATION] Carbon Based Nano-Materials Research, Development and Applications in Optoelectronics


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Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Differentiating Individual SWCNTs by Their Carbon 1s Spectra

D Rossouw, GA Botton, E Najafi, V Lee, AP Hitchcock - ACS nano, 2012 - ACS Publications

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Material Selection: Polymeric Composites Matrix

G Cicala, C Lo Faro - Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites - Wiley Online Library

CICALA AND CARMELO LO FARO University of Catania, Catania, Italy Cytec
Engineered Materials Inc., Tempe, AZ INTRODUCTION The term ...

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Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study and Nanomanipulation of Graphene-Coated Water on Mica

KT HeJD Wood, GP Doidge, E Pop, JW Lyding - Nano letters, 2012 - ACS Publications

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Parallel Fabrication of CMOS Compatible Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Devices

SI Khondaker - Journal of Bionanoscience, 2012 - ingentaconnect.com

Page 1. Delivered by Ingenta to: ? IP : Tue, 04 Sep 2012 16:07:24 Copyright ©
2012 by American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of
America Reviews in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol. 1, pp. ...

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