High Pressure Carbon Monoxide (HiPco ®)

Small Diameter SWNTs

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Product Residual Fe
Diameter Length
Raw <35% wt% 0.8 – 1.2 ~100 – 1,000 nm
Purified <15% wt% 0.8 – 1.2 ~100 – 1,000 nm
<5% wt% 0.8 – 1.2 ~100 – 1,000 nm

Characterization Summary

Individual SWNT Diameteri ~0.8 – 1.2 nm
Individual SWNT Lengthii ~100 – 1000 nm
Calculated Molecular Weightiii ~3.4x105 – 5.2x106 Amu
Color Black
Morphology Dry powder of nanotubes bundled in ropes
Maximum Densityiv 1.6 g/cm3
Bulk Densityv ~0.1 g/cm3
TGA Residue as Fevi Dry powder of nanotubes bundled in ropes
- Raw <35 wt%
- Pure <15 wt%
- Super Pure <5 wt%
TGA 1st Derivative Peak Temperature Raw: ~350 – 410°C
Pure: ~470 – 490°C
Super Pure: ~510 – 540°C
TGA Onset Temperature Raw: ~350
Pure: ~440°C
Super Pure: ~450°C
Maximum Surface Areavii 1315 m2/g
BET Surface Area ~400 – 1000 m2/g
Buckypaper Resistanceviii ~0.2 – 2Ω
Moisture Content <5 wt%


TGA Profile

Particle Size Analysis ix

  1. Diameter distribution measured by Unidym from TEM micrographs. Mean diameter ~1.0 nm.
  2. Measured by Unidym using AFM.
  3. Calculated. Lower limit assumes a SWNT with a diameter of 0.8nm and a length of 100nm. (0.8nm/0.245nm)(3.1414)(2 carbon atoms) = 20 carbons around the circumference. For every 0.283nm length there are 4x20=80 carbon atoms. (100nm/0.283nm)(80)(12.01) = 339,505 Amu. Assuming 2 significant digits = 3.4x105. Upper limit assumes a SWNT with a diameter of 1.2nm and a length of 1,000nm. (1.2nm/0.245nm)(3.1414)(2 carbon atoms) = 31 carbons around the circumference. For every 0.283nm length there are 4x31 = 124 carbon atoms. (1000nm/0.283nm)(124)(12.01) = 5,262,332 Amu. Assuming 2 significant digits = 5.2x106.
  4. Calculated assuming single-wall nanotubes of diameter 1.0 nm arranged in crystalline "ropes" or "bundles" (inter-wall spacing 0.3 nm).
  5. Value provided is for standard purified SWNTs. Raw and some super pure grades lots will have lower bulk densities. Other product forms may have higher bulk densities.
  6. 800oC in air. The reported figures assume that the residue is present in the product as elemental Fe, and that it is fully converted to Fe2O3 during the TGA analysis. Hence, the TGA residual as measured is multiplied by MW Fe2/MW Fe2O3 (1/1.43) to express the result as Fe.
  7. Calculated using geometric arguments assuming an isolated tube. SSA for tubes in "ropes" will be less
    than the stated value. A. Peigney et al., Carbon 39 (2001), 507-514.
  8. In-house, Unidym buckypaper conductivity test (4 point probe).
  9. The following particle size histogram is indicative of the typical tertiary particle size distribution found in bulk powder. It does not represent secondary particles (aggregates of individual tubes also known as ropes or bundles) nor does it represent primary particle sizes (individual carbon nanotubes).

Product Delivery

All HiPco Purified and Super Purified products are offered as a dry, granular powder.

We currently offer our HiPco Raw nanotube products in two forms: Fluffy Powder and Wet Cake. Due to safety concerns with handling the extremely low-density raw material, the HiPco Raw product is provided as a wet cake for orders of greater than 5g unless otherwise requested. The wet cake is roughly 10wt% nanotubes. The remaining mass is a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% water, which can be easily removed by thermal or centrifugal treatment. (e.g. 10.70g of wet cake will be provided for a 1g HiPco Raw SWNT order.

HiPco Pricing

Price quotes available by request. Additional discounts also available for large volume orders. For more information contact our Sales Manager at sales@nanointegris.com or call +1-866-650-0482.

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