Few-Layer Graphene

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Graphene Pure Sheets


Measure PureSheets MONO PureSheets QUATTRO
Single Layer Content 27% 6%
Double Layer Content 48% 23%
Triple Layer Content 20% 27%
4+ Layer Content 5% 44%
Average Flake Area ~10,000 nm2 ~10,000 nm2
Solution Type Aqueous w/surfactant Aqueous w/surfactant
Graphene Concentration 0.05 mg/mL 0.05 mg/mL
Surfactant Concentration 2% w/v 2% w/v
Surfactant Type Ionic (proprietary) Ionic (proprietary)
Shelf Life 6 months 6 months

Product Delivery

We currently offer our graphene products in two forms: Due to safety concerns with handling the extremely low-density raw material, this product is provided as a wet cake. The wet cake is roughly 10wt% nanotubes. The remaining mass is a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% water, which can be easily removed by thermal or cetrifugal treatment. Raw Fluffy powder by request ONLY.

HiPco Pricing

PureSheets Grade Price (5mg) Price (25mg) Price (500mg)
QUATTRO $37.50 $120 $400
MONO $50 $170 $625

Graphene Pure Sheets

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